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Deploying a NodeJS server

In order to deploy your Phero server, there's one last step: making an export. When you export your server, Phero compiles an optimised bundle for you to deploy.

It does not use any framework like express or fastify. It compiles down to plain JavaScript which uses the built-in http module from NodeJS itself. This way we can guarantee that there's as little overhead as possible between a request and actually calling your function.


First, navigate to your server directory:

cd api

To export as a NodeJS server, run:

npx phero@latest server export --flavor nodejs

This will generate a node script for each of your services in a .phero directory. To run one of these services:

  cd .phero/helloWorldService
npm i
node index.js

That's it! From here you can deploy this service to any provider that supports NodeJS.

Change the port number

By default it will run a server on port 2222. If you want to change this, run with the PORT environment variable, like this:

  PORT=3333 node index.js