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Deploying to GCloud Functions (a.k.a. Firebase Functions)

Google Cloud offers serverless functions. Google calls these Google Cloud Functions. Some people know them as Firebase Functions. Under the hood they are the same thing.

In order to deploy your Phero server, there's one last step: making an export. When you export your server, Phero compiles an optimised bundle for you to deploy.


Make sure you've installed gcloud CLI. If you haven't installed it yet, follow the steps here:


First, navigate to your server directory and install @google-cloud/functions-framework:

cd api
npm install @google-cloud/functions-framework

To make an export of your Phero services, run:

npx phero@latest server export --flavor gcloud-functions

This will output a .phero directory with a directory for each service. To deploy one of these services, run:

gcloud functions deploy helloWorldService \
--entry-point helloWorldService \
--trigger-http \
--runtime nodejs16 \
--source ".phero/helloWorldService"

Note that this example deploys a Google Cloud Function called helloWorldService. You probably have named your service something else ;). Replace helloWorldService with the name of your service.

Here's the full documentation for this command: You probably also want to specify your region, and more...

That's it! Now repeat this step for all your services. You probably want to make a bash script which automates this for you.